Latest News

Bigger = Better


Now you can upload files up to 5GB! 'Nuff said.

I'm feeling more spacious...


With the x-mas spirit, we off-loaded our storage to a new datacenter, which can provide better speeds and allows for much more storage! Go ahead and start uploading!

Become a Patron!


We just launched a Patreon page for ED File, you can find it here.

Dissolving the Unnecessary


To save up space we now do a daily cleanup.

  • Registered users archives older than 3 months that have less than 20 downloads/views are subjected to deletion.
  • Registered users archives that has not received any activity for 4 months will be subjected to deletion.
  • Anonymous archives older than 1 month that have less than 10 downloads/views are subjected to deletion.
  • Anonymous archives that has not received any activity for 2 months are also subjected to deletion.
  • Partners archives are never deleted.
You can check the queue page here.

Look at those Numbers


You can now see how many times your file was downloaded.

Open the Gates


We will be closing our previous upload access point and opening up the new API entry.

Edit all the Images


Wohoo! Need to do a quick edit? Worry no more! Open up the image editor and edit away!

Night Mode


We've heard you, full on white pages can blind people at night, but no more!

1GB Maximum Upload Size


Huge files are the ones that need to be uploaded somewhere, now you can fit even bigger archives.

New Visuals


The old design was looking quite bad, we needed a refresh!

Call the moving truck!


We changed our server location from South America to North America, you know, better connections and all...

Come on in and let's party.


Registrations were on lock-down before, now they aren't.